Sim Racing Setup Analyzer

This is The Sim Racing Setup Analyzer, our flagship application, which works with the service to offer iRacers the ultimate in setup troubleshooting and tuning. How many times have you wished for a personal crew chief when troubleshooting setups for the service?

Welcome to your own personal crew chief! The program supports all oval and road cars (except rookie and Jetta), and all official iracing tracks as of November 2015. The program isn't just a generic wizard, but rather has specific information embedded that allows the program to "know" details about each and every corner of each and every track, specifically. There is a difference between a flat corner and a banked corner, and the program is aware of this and many other track parameters, as you will see when you give the program a try.


How does it work?

Knowing your own limits, and routinely testing them can make you a better driver. If you never explore these limits, you won't learn how fast you can truly go. Lucky for you, online racing simulations offer unlimited drive time, and instant repairs during practice, so you can push ever harder towards your goal of running up front and winning races.

Where the Sim Racing Setup Analyzer excels is in offering adjustments for you, the driver, and not just generic adjustments for the car. Spreadsheets that tell you to adjust this for that condition, or wizard type programs can be helpful, but they are the "one size fits all" approach to setup design, and don't begin to cover the various methods that can be employed to make the car handle better for you. This program not only derives recommendations from your input, but also analyzes a host of information from both the imported setup itself, and a comprehensive database of track related data and the program is also aware of many other track parameters as you will see when you give the program a try.

License Info

The Sim Racing Setup Analyzer is available for purchase in several configurations.
Both oval and road cars (all tracks)
Oval cars (all tracks)
Road cars (all tracks)
Use your license key on up to 2 PC's 


Additional info


About Me

Mark Montenieri  

 I am a former ASE certified Master Technician turned Systems Administrator and programmer. In addition to being a fan of many motorsports series, I have been sim racing for over 15 years and have always wanted a better method for building setups. This led me to creating the Sim Racing Setup Analyzer first for myself, then at the urging of others, offering it for sale as well.

I look forward to continuing to provide an easy to use, yet thorough setup analysis tool. There are many new items in development and if you have an idea or suggestion please feel free to reach out.

Mark Montenieri
MPR Analytics, LLC




What We Offer

Included with the program

  • A unique setup design experience
  • Support for all tracks
  • Multiple choice adjustments
  • A robust technical library
  • Rapid email support

What People Are Saying

Some of our clients recent experiences

  • "I tried the trial version for about 10 minutes and was sold."

    Michael S.
  • "Sent in a support ticket Saturday afternoon around 5:30 and it might have been 2 minutes tops and he replied with the solution."

    Logan W.
  • "It is worth every penny.... I use it at every track for both road and oval... mostly oval and it has improved my iracing experience 10x over."

    Tommy H.